Rendering for Chef Roboto's Fryer-Bot

Engineering firm HOPE Technik introduces Chef Roboto, taking a leap towards improving kitchen operational efficiency while delivering quality food

HOPE Technik, the leading engineering system integrators for robotics and automation, will be unveiling its latest innovation at the upcoming FHA-Food and Beverage 2023 event – Chef Roboto.

Combining advanced robotics engineering and cooking techniques to develop mobile cooking kiosks, the new division of HOPE Technik, Chef Roboto, is set to transform the food industry by automating the cooking process and increasing efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. The first of the family of Chef Roboto robots, the ‘Fryer-Bot’ will be launched at the event.

Utilising a state-of-the art robotic arm that performs multiple tasks, from raw food storage, preparation, cooking to plating, this modular system allows a wide range of fried dishes to be cooked and prepared by the mobile cooking kiosk. It also incorporates temperature controlled food storage as well as a ready to interface application with local food delivery apps.

HOPE Technik CEO Daniel Nia shared, “The FHA-Food and Beverage 2023 event is an ideal platform for Chef Roboto to showcase its latest innovation to the F&B industry. It gives us an opportunity to share with local as well as regional counterparts our unique solutions to modernize the way food is prepared and served, and more importantly, show how robotics can play a pivotal role in automating the process.”

Chef Roboto CEO Michael Leong added, “This technology will not only enhance efficiency and productivity but also provide a sustainable way for restaurants to stay on top of laborious dishes and augment the capacity of head chefs throughout day-to-day operations.”

Chef Roboto’s cooking kiosks are also designed to be space-efficient, which maximizes the use of kitchen space and increase overall capacity. To be available for rent globally, the robotic kiosks are pre-programmed with recipes, customizable to individual preferences and are equipped to cook and prepare a wide range of dishes. For instance, the Noodle-Bot, Steak-Bot and Burger-Bot, all of which are already under development.

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