O' Be Cocktails is India's first and only ready to drink premium cocktail brand, manufactured in Goa, India with a range of crafted cocktails in 330 ml bottles and 8% ABV | Natural and Handpicked Ingredients | Premium Convenient Packaging.

“If there can be craft beers, why can’t there be craft cocktails?”

In the quest for the perfect cocktail experience each time, the engineer in the story (Mr. Nitesh Prakash – Founder and CEO) went on to create his own line of perfect premium cocktails!

“At O’ Be Cocktails, we believe that great cocktails should be accessible to everyone, Our ready-to-drink cocktails are a testament to this belief, and we are excited to showcase them at ProWine Singapore 2023” said the founder & CEO for O’ Be Cocktails.

Every cocktail comes in 330ml bottles with 8% ABV and easy-to-use pull open caps. Every cocktail has gone through up to 100 iterations, created with top-shelf spirits and natural and handpicked ingredients by a specialized team of mixologists and bartenders. Every bottle brings the unique spirit of the cocktail to the fore – be it in packaging, and colour, texture, aroma and balance of the cocktails.

“We source our spirits from the top-notch distilleries that provide to the biggest brands in the industry ensuring the quality of spirits and the consistency of a good cocktail in every bottle. Cocktails are happy drinks and are a celebration. We hope to make it as hassle-free as possible”.

Being one of the fastest growing brands in India, O’ Be Cocktails is poised to enter the global market. With 4 classic cocktails currently in the Indian Market, O’ Be Cocktails as it is all set to release at least 6 more in 2023 and disrupt the Ready to Drink Alcohol beverage segment. Exhibiting at ProWine Singapore, O’ Be Cocktails would be putting up their display at 5B4-03.

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