Top 7 Wholesale Food Suppliers in Singapore

August 18, 2023

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Are you a foodie or a business owner in Singapore craving some insights into the top food distributors?

You have landed on the right page!

When you visit a restaurant, you keep going back for its high-quality taste and fresh food. This is where wholesale food suppliers come into the picture.

Singapore’s vibrant and diverse food culture is an amalgamation of tastes from all across Asia. This makes it necessary for restaurants to have reliable wholesale food suppliers so that businesses stay afloat and offer innovations in the cuisine.

Today’s blog post will dive headfirst into the top 7 Wholesale food suppliers in Singapore.

A list of food distributors in Singapore is as necessary as a recipe for a dish.

The Singapore food market is looking for a wholesale food supplier who not only offers ground-level ingredients but can satisfy clients with fresh products and timely delivery.

Are you a food enthusiast or a business owner who is curious to know which companies made the cut?

Let’s explore Singapore’s top wholesale food suppliers and the criteria of selection to help you find the perfect ingredients for your pantry.

Criteria for Selection


There are just so many wholesale distributors out in the market competing for a spot to be the leading suppliers.

Which brings us to our next important question, how do you judge each wholesale food supplier?

Range of Products and Variety

When it comes to wholesale food suppliers in Singapore, the first thing that is the focus of every food business is the range of products and variety. Trust us; this is not just about quantity; it is all about the diverse options they bring to the table!

Wouldn’t you appreciate having a treasure of product inventory from wholesale food suppliers to prepare your culinary delights?

The top wholesale food suppliers should have everything from fresh produce and premium meats to exotic spices and specialty ingredients.

But why is this variety so crucial for F&B businesses?

When restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other F&B businesses seek wholesale suppliers, they want a partner who can cater to their specific needs and understand their culinary visions.

So before assessing a wholesale food supplier’s product range, you need to fully understand Singapore’s food industry in its entirety of cultures, tastes, and preferences.

Food and beverage businesses require access to extensive ingredients to craft dishes that appeal to a broad audience. These selected wholesale food suppliers understand this like no other and ensure they stock up on a vast array of food selections to meet every requirement.

As we are all aware, the top businesses in the food industry constantly seek to innovate and stay ahead of the game. This means experimenting with new recipes and offering unique dishes that tantalize taste buds.

With a food supplier that offers diverse product options, chefs can unleash their creativity and make culinary masterpieces without limitations.

Moreover, a wide food variety translates to practical benefits. The world is moving towards a one-stop solution, and so are F&B businesses. This means they can streamline the ordering process and reduce the number of suppliers they need to manage.

This saves time, simplifies inventory management, and potentially leads to better pricing when buying in larger quantities.

So, as businesses assess the product range of wholesale food suppliers in Singapore, you should be willing to go above and beyond in understanding the unique requirements.

Quality and Freshness

Would you go to your favorite restaurant, eager to savor a dish you crave, only to be served bland flavors and subpar ingredients?

It goes without saying that the quality of the food served takes center stage for any famous restaurant.

Take the hint!

The top wholesale food suppliers in Singapore go above and beyond to ensure that their food supplies are nothing short of top-notch.

Wholesale food suppliers understand that premium ingredients are the secret to culinary success. For this, they ensure that they source the freshest produce, tender meats, and finest condiments to craft their product range.

Wholesale suppliers in Singapore know that doing the bare minimum and meeting the industry standards does not keep you in the market. It is about surpassing them.

The suppliers have a reputation to uphold and are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction. They know that a satisfied business is not just a one-time sale but a loyal member who will keep returning for more.

Thus, quality and freshness go hand in hand with customer loyalty. Businesses in Singapore rely on wholesale suppliers to deliver fresh food distribution that ensures every dish served is a masterpiece.

Strong-arm your wholesale business with premium ingredients. After all, fresh food distribution ensures that the restaurant’s reputation is in safe hands.

Reliability and Timely Delivery

We kept this criterion for the last, but trust us. This is the hack to seamless operations of Singapore’s top wholesale food suppliers.

You can give your chefs fresh produce and a wide variety to pick from, but if they do not receive the timely delivery of pantry essentials, can you expect smooth operations?

In a dynamic environment, there is no room to deal with uncertainty and delays. Top wholesale food suppliers in Singapore understand the significance of being dependable.

Food suppliers should pride themselves on providing a consistent supply of high-quality products, ensuring that their clients never have to worry about running out of stock.

Reliability extends beyond the products they offer. It seeps into their commitment to customer satisfaction, building strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients. Paired with this is punctual food distribution, the heartbeat of any successful food business.

Singapore’s top wholesale food suppliers have fine-tuned their logistics to ensure that each order reaches its destination promptly. From efficient warehouse management to reliable transportation and delivery networks, they guarantee smooth and timely deliveries.

Thus, learning to assess the reliability of wholesale food suppliers and their commitment to ensuring timely deliveries is paramount. It is the key to a thriving supplier and restaurant partnership.

When it comes to Singapore’s dependable suppliers, forget about any lost revenue or time!

7 Wholesale Food Suppliers in Singapore

Here’s a list of Singapore’s top 7 food distributors with details on their products, ratings, and standards:

  1. Nature’s Superfoods
  2. FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd
  3. Foodsterr
  4. Yong Wen Group
  5. Makoto-Ya
  6. Angliss
  7. Lim siang huat

1.   Nature’s Superfoods


Nature’s Superfoods, a prominent wholesale food supplier based in Singapore, has carved its niche in the industry with a passion for providing top-quality products and exceptional customer support.

With a commitment to health and sustainability, they have gained recognition in the F&B industry as a trusted partner for various cuisines.

Nature’s Superfoods offers an impressive range of products catering to diverse culinary needs. Their wholesale food catalog comprises an extensive selection of organic and natural ingredients.

These include produce from superfoods, grains, cereal, and raw honey. Some of these are chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina, nutrient-rich nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Additionally, they offer an array of plant-based proteins, gluten-free alternatives, and wholesome snacks that align with the demands of health-conscious consumers.

Nature’s Superfoods’ success is based on its unwavering commitment to quality standards. They provide 100% natural, organic supplies with no refined sugar.

From the moment the ingredients are harvested to their arrival at the doorstep, the company implements strict quality control measures to maintain freshness, purity, and nutritional value.

Nature’s Superfoods takes pride in its reliable and timely deliveries in the fast-paced food industry. With state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and strategic partnerships with trusted couriers, they ensure that orders reach their customers promptly.

Their unparalleled commitment to customer support sets Nature’s Superfoods apart. The company’s customer service team assists with inquiries, provide product information, and offer personalized solutions.

Here are some unique selling points that distinguish Nature’s Superfoods from other suppliers:

  1. Nature’s Superfoods is a reliable supplier of a wide variety of plant-based ingredients and alternatives which offers eco-friendly practices.
  2. With a strong focus on superfoods, it stands out as a go-to supplier of nutrient-dense ingredients that add both health and flavor to culinary creations.
  3. Nature Superfoods is easily available in top retail stores like Amazon, Lazda, and Walmart.

2. FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd – A Trusted Wholesale Food Supplier in Singapore


When it comes to fulfilling the diverse needs of the food industry, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd is an esteemed wholesale food supplier in Singapore, with over 7000 B2B companies and home consumers on board.

At the core of FoodXervices Inc’s success lies an online store that has everything from dry goods to fresh produce, frozen foods, beverages, and even cleaning products. Businesses appreciate the well-curated selection and the in-house brands, such as Bello, groXers, Xtuff, and Xin Si.

Clients find everything they need under one roof. This streamlines their procurement process and adds to customer satisfaction.

When it comes to timely deliveries, FoodXervices Inc sets the gold standard. They understand the importance of punctuality in the fast-paced food industry and have crafted a robust delivery system to cater to every order promptly.

3. Foodsterr – An Award-Winning Wholesale Food Supplier in Singapore


The next wholesale food supplier that is well-reputed in Singapore is Foodsterr. Foodsterr takes center stage by making their products all about the customer’s health.

This exceptional supplier has earned its reputation amongst the vegan population and those who are looking to eat and serve healthily.

Foodsterr’s dedication to quality is second to none. They are well-known for their premium-grade grains and nuts, exquisite spices, and gourmet ingredients. You can get the finest quinoa and granola from Foodsterr at affordable prices.

Customers can easily stock up on products by Foodsterr owing to its top-quality packaging. Foodsterr stores its products in cold storage before delivering. The packaging is multipurpose and re-sealable. It comes in standup pouches with waterproof labels.

As a testament to their excellence, Foodsterr has received several industry awards and recognitions in Singapore, such as the Redmart Supplier Award.

So, whether you’re a budding chef, a restaurant owner, or an F&B entrepreneur, Foodsterr is here to elevate your culinary creations and support your business’s success.

4.   Yong Wen Group – A Reliable Wholesale Food Supplier in Singapore


If your business relies on receiving imported and local products on time, you should be looking at deliveries from Yong Wen Group.

As a leading player in the Singapore food industry, Yong Wen has trusted partners for F&B businesses seeking excellence.

Yong Wen Group understands that the needs of F&B businesses are not limited to Singaporean companies.

Thus, they have grown their networks and partnered with international and local brands over the years. These include Nestle, Unilever, and in-house brands like Saporito, Yowe, and Secret.

The standout feature is its unwavering commitment to timely deliveries. When you partner with Yong Wen, you can rest assured that your orders will arrive promptly, enabling you to keep your kitchen stocked and your customers satisfied.

Owing to the large warehouse, efficient food distribution partners, and smooth operations, the Yong Wen Group is on its way to becoming Singapore’s top wholesale grocery supplier.

Yong Wen is an excellent choice for home businesses or restaurants seeking a trusted partner in the food industry to help them innovate their menu.

5.   Makoto-Ya


Japanese is the most popular cuisine in Singapore, and you can find the best sushi, ramen, and yakiniku.

But where should the Japanese restaurants get the produce from?

Makoto-Ya, the fifth top wholesale food supplier, stands out in Singapore’s dynamic food industry with its forward-thinking approach. Makoto-Ya has mastered the art of meeting the ever-evolving demands of Japanese food and beverage cuisines.

One of the reasons why Makoto-Ya has earned its place among the top wholesale food suppliers is its understanding of the food industry and consumer preferences emerging regularly.

Makoto-Ya embraces these changes and leverages its expertise to provide customized food distribution solutions to clients.

Be it the finest buckwheat noodles, ramen, miso, or liquor, Makoto-Ya has got you covered. If you love Japanese cuisine, you will enjoy shopping with Makoto-Ya. It offers award-winning Sake and Shochu from different brands.

Makoto-Ya has gone the extra mile for its customers and offers exclusive event catering for Japanese food. Besides this, it has rice milling industries that provide premium quality rice.

With over 2000 products in the market, Makoto-Ya is a pioneer wholesale food supplier in Singapore.

6.   Angliss Singapore


Are you looking for a wholesale food retailer which offers a one-stop solution for halal and non-halal food?

Angliss Singapore is the one for you!

With approximately 70 years in the food supply business, Angliss is well-known for serving temperature-controlled halal and non-halal food products with excellent customer and delivery services.

Angliss Singapore has expanded its operations to cater to a wide audience.

If you are looking for a wholesale company that caters to your specific and special request,  Angliss Singapore will give you value-added services. This company will help you with time-consuming tasks, including portion-controlled cutting, slicing, and mincing of frozen meats and seafood.

However, if you operate as a home business and you shop for items as you run out, then worry not! Angliss Singapore stocks its variety of meat, poultry, dairy, pasta, and pastry at the top retail stores in Singapore. For the items, visit the nearest Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong Supermarket, Prime Supermarket, and Mustafa.

As the sixth top wholesale food supplier on our list, Angliss has carved a niche for itself in the export industry by blending consumer care with tradition.

It is known amongst the distributors, hotels, and airlines of the Southeast Asian region for putting together a full range of dairy, frozen, and dry foods. Besides this, its exemplary services provide food to cruise ships with a fast turnaround time of two to three days.

Angliss Singapore will give you frozen and premium meats and cuts from Australia, the USA, Brazil, and New Zealand. The food industry appreciates Angliss Singapore’s finest contribution to poultry and meat.

What truly sets Angliss apart is its commitment to redefining technology-driven solutions. With an online platform and a website, consumers can easily browse the extensive catalog, place orders, and track deliveries.

7.   Lim siang huat


When you talk about wholesale suppliers that have been pioneers in the Singaporean food industry, Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd is a name remembered by generations.

The founder of the wholesale company had his roots embedded in China. This means that as a food and beverage distributor, Lim Siang Huat has grown its presence and expanded distribution to most of South East Asia.

The wholesale company provides Singaporean restaurants and hotels with the finest and fresh dairy, meat, herbs, and bakery products. It is also the largest distributor of international retail brands.

If you need a product from FresJus, Royal Miller, East Sun, Mr.Gherkins, Johnnyson, Unilever Foods, and North Star, you should be browsing through a Lim Siang Haut catalog.

If you want to acquire the best international produce but also keep your practices sustainable, it is time to partner with Lian Siang Haut’s food and beverage supply company!


In the end, we believe the food suppliers are the pillars that strengthen the Singaporean food and beverage industry and its cuisines. Each distributor is well known for its unique quality.

The success of wholesale food suppliers is determined by their ability to adopt, adapt and meet the dynamic demands of the food industry. Suppliers are judged based on their reliability, timely delivery, and quality assurance.

The wholesale food supplier determines the smooth operations and the F&B sector support and speaks volumes about the business delivering delightful culinary experiences to their customers.

The top 7 suppliers, Makoto-Ya, Nature’s Superfoods, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd, Foodsterr, Angliss Singapore, Lim Siang Haut, and Yong Wen Group, are all known for providing clients with tech-driven ordering solutions, delivering rare and exotic ingredients timely, and providing personalized packaging.

As the food industry continues to evolve, these suppliers will remain at the forefront, serving as the innovators for food businesses across Singapore.

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