From Greener Homes to Greener Workplaces
Singaporean Urban Farming Company, Grobrix Celebrates Two Year Milestone

Grobrix is the world’s first patented modular, edible, soilless green wall that allows you to grow your own food cleanly & efficiently indoors. The brand’s mission is to prove how growing food together can help us grow as humans. Through education, advocacy, and sustainable practices, grobrix is rekindling the bond between people, their food, and the earth, building healthier, more connected communities and a platform for a more resilient food system.

In a span of just two years, Grobrix has grown quarterly revenue by over 500%, driven by the company’s transition from a business-to-consumer service to a business-to-business model. The expansion into the US further solidifies Grobrix’s commitment to promoting urban farming as a way of reconnecting people with the source of their food on a global scale.

Reflecting on his journey from banker to urban farmer, Grobrix Founder Mathew Howe shares, “What began as a hunt for fresh herbs for my daughter’s beloved green pesto pasta sparked an entirely new direction for me. Grobrix started simply as edible green walls for the home and now we are working with blue-chip corporations to help them meet their sustainability ambitions and spearhead the back-to-office and team engagement and wellbeing movements.”

With staggering statistics highlighting the challenges in Singapore’s food supply chain – including the extensive farm-to-table journey for leafy greens often exceeding thousands of kilometres and less than
1% of Singapore’s land available for farming – Grobrix has developed innovative and tech-driven solutions to mitigate these challenges, bringing agriculture back to the city.

The benefits of farming with Grobrix are multi-faceted. Not only is it a viable solution to food security, reducing food miles and food waste, the end product is packaging-free, pesticide-free, and more nutrient-dense than vegetation found on supermarket shelves. Each commercial partnership with Grobrix yields an average of 250kg of produce, potentialy saving more than 2,000 litres of water, up to 125 kg in food waste, and 2,500 single-use plastic wrappers over a one year period.

Many are also harnessing the power of urban farming to meet their sustainability goals as well as using Grobrix as a tool to drive employee engagement through its sustainable lens. Blue-chip

corporations such as CBRE, KPMG, Shell, LinkedIn and Prudential, hospitality leaders like W Hotels and Oasia and even schools are re-establishing their connection with food sources by hosting regular harvesting sessions, farm-to-table lunches, and employee farming and harvesting hours.

In addition to its environmental impact, Grobrix’s design-forward modular edible green walls are known for their beauty and functionality. Their subscription-based Farming as a Service (FaaS) offering provides all the necessary materials, support, and maintenance for a stress-free and enjoyable farming experience.

Grobrix 2.0, the next-gen iteration of its patented growing system, will introduce an advanced IoT and cloud-based technology solution, including a mobile application enabling data collection, control, and remote monitoring of your Grobrix farm wall from anywhere in the world. By leveraging sensor data gathered through multiple touchpoints, Grobrix aims to further improve the quality of their produce and provide a more engaging user experience to customers.

Since launch, grobrix has built a presence in more than 60 commercial locations across Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with ambitious plans to triple its urban farming footprint in 2024, building on its current success in Singapore and Malaysia.

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About Grobrix
Grobrix is the world’s first patented modular, edible, soilless green wall that allows you to grow your own food cleanly & efficiently indoors. The brand’s mission is to encourage, enthuse, empower, and educate urban communities to live more sustainable, self-sufficient, happier, and healthier lives. Through a unique and fresh take on soilless vertical farming, Grobrix showcases sustainability and self-sufficiency whilst promoting both physical and mental health through fresher food, better nutrition and easier access to green exercise.

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