A decade ago, Dr Mark Post, co-founder of what would become the cultivated meat company Mosa Meat, fried up the first “in vitro burger” on live TV from a studio in London. Since then, investors have poured $14 billion worth of funding into the alternative protein space in order to find new ways to re-create the foods we love more sustainably.

But even in the most progressive regions of the world, the market share of alternative meats is stuck in the low single digits. Alternative dairy, which is considered the most successful of all the plant-based food categories, is still only reaching the low teens. That’s because building mainstream desire for new foods is hard.

Fortunately, we have a powerful tool in our arsenal that can help us cut through the barriers and connect with consumers on a more visceral level. That tool is strategically crafted design, and we examined the top 50 B2C alt protein brands to identify the patterns most likely to drive desire and help cross the alt-protein chasm into the mainstream.

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About the author

Zoran Svetličić is a senior brand strategist and co-founder of Shift., a branding firm with studios in Singapore, Hong Kong and Melbourne. He works with leadership teams of ambitious companies such as Citi, Danone, Green School, Perfect Day, and Visa to help them grow their brands. In his spare time, he tries to put natural wines from his homeland of Croatia on the world map.

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