The FHA-Food & Beverage is celebrating International Women’s Day by spotlighting the amazing female leaders in the F&B industry. This is an opportunity to recognise the women who have worked hard and achieved success. This week, we will focus on the stories of the women who have been trailblazers and mentors in the F&B sector. These inspiring women are leading the way, and we are grateful for their dedication and commitment.

In this IWD series, we had a quick chat with Madeline Tay, Country Head of Oldtown Singapore. She shared her experience and what it takes to be successful in the F&B sector.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the F&B industry?

As the saying goes, food bring people together.  I’m amazed by how food can connect different cultures and people from all walks for life.  The great conversations and the smiles of people over a meal just make me thrilled that I can be part of this happy occasion.  

What do you think is the most important skill?

Adaptability and a “No excuses” attitude. Faced with a challenging situation, it can be easy to rely on excuses to provide comfort. Rather than giving yourself an excuse, it is important to confront the obstacle head on and do the best you can. After all, excuses are the precursor to losing. 

What advice would you offer to young women interested in entering the field? 

Never afraid to get your hands dirty. Be eager to take on any task, regardless of how humble it may be. There is much to be learned from working on the floor of the F&B industry; it is fast-paced, ever-changing and relies heavily on customer service. The greatest satisfaction is being able to work alongside your team and achieve greatness together by bringing comfort food to the table of happy customers; that’s joy.  

We hope that our conversation has been inspiring and that it will continue to foster dialogue about the empowerment of women. 

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