VIVANT Unveils Next-Level Wine Enjoyment Technology, Elevating Elegance and Precision in Temperature Control


Originating from the heart of Taiwan, VIVANT, a brand with a rich 30-year legacy in the semiconductor industry, is at the forefront of revolutionizing wine enjoyment. As VIVANT makes its debut in Singapore and broadens its reach globally, it brings a commitment to superior technology for exceptional taste, introducing groundbreaking innovations to celebrate every wine moment.

Brand Philosophy: A Commitment to Tradition and Innovation

At the core of VIVANT’s mission is a profound respect for the winemaking tradition, coupled with a drive to innovate. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that technology should enhance, not overshadow, the authentic taste and heritage of wine. “The hardworking spirit of Taiwanese farmers is evident in every grain. The products I aim to create honor the vintners’ hard work, enabling wines to be enjoyed at the perfect temperature for the ultimate drinking experience,” shares VIVANT’s founder and CEO, Daniel Fu. This dedication to honoring the craft of winemaking while pushing the boundaries of technology encapsulates VIVANT’s vision to blend the best of both worlds.

VIVANT’s Product Line: Your Sommelier on the Go

* The VENUS Portable Wine Chiller combines convenience and precision, ensuring each bottle of wine is chilled to perfection. With an MSRP of US$680.00, it is available in the Singapore market in four colors: burgundy red, black, silver, and gold.

* The newly launched TITAN Portable Decanter Chiller, introduced in 2024, elevates the decanting process with its cutting-edge cooling technology, becoming an essential for every

 wine enthusiast. It is priced at US$875.00 and comes in two colors: burgundy red and black.








Innovative Technology for Unmatched Precision

VIVANT leads with its revolutionary dual cooling system, meticulously adjusting wine temperatures from 8°C / 46°F to 20°C / 68°F, thereby unlocking the full spectrum of flavors and aromas. Supported by a robust and safe removable battery with a lifespan of 2.5 to 4 hours, VIVANT guarantees reliability and convenience for wine aficionados everywhere. The integration of a semiconductor microchip and IR temperature sensor is a testament to VIVANT’s unparalleled precision in temperature control, redefining the wine experience.

iF Design Award: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

The brand’s dedication to excellence was recently honored with the prestigious iF Design Award 2024, highlighting VIVANT’s commitment to not only leading-edge technology but also to an elegant and user-friendly design. The stylish aesthetics of VIVANT products go beyond mere functionality, transforming each item into a statement piece that enhances any setting.

Discover the distinctive story and revolutionary products of VIVANT, and join us in a celebration of the art of wine enjoyment like never before!

For more information about Vivant Wine and their products, please visit their Booth 2E4-04 in Hall 4.