FHA Awards FAQ2023-10-17T08:25:23+08:00

FHA Awards FAQ

When are submissions open?2023-10-11T19:38:00+08:00

Submissions are open from 1 December 2023 to 29 February 2024.

What products are eligible for submission?2023-10-11T19:37:19+08:00

Product entries must be shelf-stable ready-to-eat food products (pre-packaged food that can be consumed immediately without heating and does not require refrigeration). They must have been introduced to the market in the last 3 years.

Do I need to pay to enter FHA Awards?2023-10-11T19:36:29+08:00

 The awards are free to enter for exhibitors at FHA – Food and Beverage 2024.

Do I have to exhibit at FHA – Food and Beverage 2024 to enter?2023-10-11T19:35:38+08:00

Yes, the FHA Awards only open to exhibitors at the upcoming FHA – Food and Beverage 2024.

How will the winners be selected?2023-10-11T19:34:55+08:00

The winners will be selected by a panel of experts in the F&B industry.

Can I submit multiple products from the same company?2023-11-22T02:53:25+08:00

Each company can submit up to 2 different products per award category. Please submit one form for each award category. 

Do judges taste the product?2023-11-22T03:34:12+08:00

The judging process for food categories include a taste test. Please note that product feedback will not be provided.

Do I need to send product samples?2023-11-22T02:51:35+08:00

For products that meet the eligibility criteria, companies are required to submit product samples and information requested by FHA for the judging process.  Companies are required to cover any shipping or courier cost related to the product sample submission. All information submitted including product samples will not be returned. 

Why are entries limited to shelf-stable ready-to-eat food products?2023-10-24T08:58:36+08:00

Due to logistical and storage restraints, we are unable to accommodate every product.

When will winners be announced?2023-11-22T03:36:08+08:00

3 winners with the highest scores will be selected from each category. Winners will be acknowledged at an awards ceremony at FHA – Food & Beverage 2024. They will be informed beforehand in mid-April.

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