Besides the exhibition, are there other activities/highlights taking place at FHA-Food & Beverage?

February 15, 2023

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For feature areas, visitors will get the chance to see our Competitions and FHA-Award. At FHA-Food & Beverage 2024, three competitions will be taking place – Beer Awards, Young Talents Escoffier & Ultimate Meat Challenge.

The FHA Beer Awards showcase the diversity and creativity of today’s brewing scene. It celebrates the best and brightest in the beer industry, recognising excellence in a variety of categories. Meanwhile, the Young Talents Escoffier is the arena for young culinary talents to display their gastronomic skills and be accredited by a panel of internationally acclaimed judges. Finally, the Ultimate Meat Challenge is the first-ever meat competition where professional butchers and chefs will be challenged on their craftsmanship and creativity in usage of lamb and beef across four course meals during the competition.

FHA-Awards, a fresh addition FHA-Food & Beverage 2024, recognise and celebrate innovation and progress within the F&B industry. Honouring companies for breaking new ground in the F&B industry and showcasing the outstanding products in 6 distinct award categories.

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