Who will check the proposed stand designs meet the regulations?

October 23, 2023

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Informa will inspect all submitted stand designs and liaise with the appointed contractor to ensure all materials are recycled and/or reusable.

To ensure the regulations are met there will be a 4-stage process for proposed stand designs:

  1. Exhibitors will confirm acceptance of these regulations as part of their Contract terms and conditions. Contractors will confirm acceptance of these regulations in the Contractor Agreement submitted via the Exhibitor Manual.
  2. At Stand Plan Submission stage the information previously provided by contractors on the proposed materials being used to erect the structure will be reviewed prior to ‘Permission to Build’ being granted.
  3. Onsite verification of physical build against the permitted stand design will be carried out and any breach of the agreed design or evidence of prohibited materials will be Recorded and Reported. Contractors and Exhibitors will be notified onsite.
  4. Where breaches of the regulations have occurred a Contractor Improvement Notification and Exhibitor Awareness Notification will be issued post-show. Major and/or continued violation of these regulations may lead to Financial Penalties issued to the exhibitor.

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