Picture this: a clear, starry night, the soft glow of lanterns, and a plate of delicious mooncakes in front of you. But wait, there’s something missing—tea! Mooncakes and tea are a match made in heaven, and we’re here to help you unlock the full potential of this delightful pairing with The Tea Depot‘s exquisite selection.

Green Tea with Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes:

Why it works: Green tea’s fresh, grassy flavour dances in harmony with the slightly sweet and nutty lotus seed paste mooncakes. It’s like a crisp breeze on a warm night, leaving your palate feeling clean and refreshed.
Consider sipping on: Sencha Shokai or Genmaicha from Tea Depot

Black Tea with Red Bean Paste Mooncakes:

Why it works: The bold, robust notes of black tea join forces with the earthy and sweet red bean paste mooncakes. It’s a taste explosion where rich meets richer, and you’ll love every sip and bite.
Consider indulging in: Flowery Rose Tea 

Oolong Tea with Egg Yolk Mooncakes:

Why it works: Oolong teas characterised by their rough, typically brown leaves, bring a smooth taste of floral and fruity notes to the party, with a pleasantly subtle touch of honey. They tango elegantly with the savoury and creamy egg yolk filling of mooncakes, resulting in a beautifully balanced taste experience.

Consider savouring: Fancy Oolong

Jasmine Tea with Snow Skin Mooncakes:

Why it works: Imagine delicate, fragrant jasmine tea meeting the light and slightly sweet snow skin mooncakes, often filled with fruity or creamy goodness. It’s a floral duet that enhances the mooncake’s flavours without stealing the show.
Consider sipping on: Eight Secrets from the Far East or Jasmine Green from Fruit Basket

Black Tea with Nuts and Seeds Mooncakes:

Why it works: Black tea, with its earthy and sometimes smoky undertones, adds depth and intrigue to mooncakes filled with nuts and seeds. It’s like a cozy bonfire on an autumn evening, making every bite an adventure.
Consider exploring: Earl Grey Blue Flower

So, there you have it! This mid-autumn festival, when you are enjoying mooncakes, don’t forget to invite your favourite tea from The Tea Depot to the party. Whether it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival or just a cozy evening at home, this pairing will take your taste buds on a delightful journey.

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