Wine & Spirits

The wine and spirits market in Asia is rapidly growing, fueled by rising incomes, urbanisation, and Western cultural influences. The Asia-Pacific market is projected to achieve a 5.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

Emerging trends in the Asian wine and spirits sector include:

  • Growing popularity of wine: Wine is becoming increasingly popular in Asia, especially among young and affluent consumers.
  • Rise of premium spirits: Premium spirits, such as whiskey and vodka, are also becoming increasingly popular in Asia.
  • Growing demand for imported alcoholic beverages: Consumers in Asia are increasingly demanding imported alcoholic beverages, as they are seen as being of higher quality than local alcoholic beverages.
  • Increasing importance of e-commerce: E-commerce is becoming increasingly important for the wine and spirits industry in Asia. Consumers are increasingly buying wine and spirits online, as it is a convenient and efficient way to purchase these products.

Asia’s expanding consumer base is driving the industry’s growth, making it a pivotal player in the region’s economy.

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